You can easily recognize the familiar faces once you explore the personalities listed below.

1. The enthusiastic type. This lecturer demands your full attention. You will be surprised you are still alive after class. There is no use in trying to raise your hand in protest – nobody is stopping for no one. Notes? Never heard of them. These teachers do not feel the need to write something on board, because they know you will have to memorize it anyway. You can have muscle cramps and back pain, this teacher does not care. You can either gather strength to endure the lecture and not lose your mind, or you can give up and sit back. We totally get it.


2. The gadget friendly. These people love using projectors in their classes, but not all of them can apply the gadgets properly. So, your regular lecture usually turns out to be your teacher running up and down and desperately searching for someone to help them out with their problem. The question, however, is of entirely different matter: how do these guys intend to read lectures if they are not familiar with the technologies to an extent that allows them to play a video? Or are they just counting on students? Either way, it can be fun.

3. The wonder. You’ve been studying all day long and now you just want to go to your dorm and be cool, but you have to attend the lecture on that complicated subject. People say that this teacher is awesome, but you just don’t get it. He may be from abroad or speak another language – there is little sense to the lecture or subject in general, but you have to pull yourself together and be present, doodling in your notebook or texting your friend, because this is altogether strange.

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4. The entrepreneur. He doesn’t really care if you are on a budget and can’t spend $100 on a book. He is the one who wrote it, so you have to oblige. In case you don’t, be ready for uncomfortable questions and detention. The authors are very sensitive about their work, we know, but the nature of self-promoter is not to make you buy the book you are actually going to use, but talk you into putting money in his pocket. A tricky scheme, right? And you don’t have the choice other than to put your head down and hand the cash.

5. The stylish guy. When he comes into class, you want to slink down your chair or walk out of the room immediately, because your sweatpants are nothing compared to this impeccable gentleman. He is always dressed to the nines, and those killer suits are fitting him like second skin.


You cannot help but wonder what makes him choose the style so carefully when there is literally no one to impress, except the bunch of tired students and a classroom desk. The stylish guy seems to have a wardrobe that will deflate your sense of self-consciousness by 50%. Is that what you really need for a lecture? We don’t think so.

6. The passionate type. Feel blessed if you got the type. He is always friendly and genuine, and wants to share knowledge on the subject as eagerly as you wish. Desk office hours are the best hours of the day, because you actually meet him, and college suddenly becomes not so bad. You can never get bored attending passionate professor’s classes because he has an innate talent to make them brighter. You wish you were majoring in his field, don’t you? This is the person who is really concerned about students, their well-being and wisdom.

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