How to have a deep sleep

It may sound a bit rough, but try to go to sleep at the same time every day. Even on holidays, when your desire to lay up is significantly more intense, do not slack off. A balanced schedule will help you to struggle with insomnia and stop agonizing over going to bed.

However, if you feel like you are not ready for siesta at all (like, you are the no-sleep-before-midnight type), do not make it a torture. Have a cup of tea and meditate, just don’t do stuff around the house. Chores are not the best option once you are determined to sleep like a baby. It will only break the bedtime cycle and cause an energetic havoc. Instead, you can try massage and aromatherapy.

We would also strongly advice to go to bed without that nagging hungry feeling. Being stuffed doesn’t help either – you should find a golden mean between the hollow and the full. Caffeine is prohibited and will make your journeys to the bathroom in the deep hours of the night a routine. The energizing coffee effect will take time to erase, leaving you awake for the next 30 minutes. Make a good sleep a tradition.

Though some of us love that glow coming off a cellphone or a laptop, it may hurt the sleeping routine. Make your bed an exclusive night place. Some of us prefer browsing Facebook, posed leisurely on a sofa, but that will only make the whole issue more problematic. Every night, when the sun goes down, prepare for relaxation, not a WhatsApp chat! At daytime, fight the after-dinner fatigue by reading a book or changing your sitting position. If you find yourself nodding off in a very quick manner, you will have a hard time going back to sleep in the middle of the night.

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Dim the lights before you hit the sack! As much as it is tempting to be surrounded by lush illumination, it may affect your bodily balance. Also, make sure your bed is properly made and forget about the day trouble. If you had a heated meeting with your colleagues, try to erase the details from your memory and concentrate on positive emotions, like a good story or a warm bath. It is called liberating your mind, that wonderful feeling when you get away from it all. Take breathing exercises and shut off the distractions.


IPads are good at day, but their snooze may divert you from having a calm night. If you are not used to the quiet, cool evening activities, you can ask your friend to keep you company and experiment with matrasses and sofas. Waking up with an aching feeling in your head or back is a bad sign, indicating you have to test the toppers and pillows. Some people are stunned with ideas whenever they go to sleep and can stay awake remembering things from their past (sounds familiar, right?).

To avoid stress and consequences of the selective memory issues, try the following technique: every time you come up with an idea that prevents you from sleeping, put it down on a piece of paper and leave it till the next morning. We guarantee you’ll be productive when the sun goes up instead of vainly attempting to jot down a blog post at 12 p.m. Also, think of the room that is comfortable for sleeping. It should be neither too hot, nor freezing and have shades that protect you from the moonlight (yes, we are not kidding). Moon has made us go bananas since the prehistoric times, so we can say that we are all lunatics, one way or the other.

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Of course, you can’t blame everything on this pale circle, but the lunar phases are responsible for sluggishness the day after. It is confirmed that people sleeping under the moonlit sky and having no shades whatsoever have reported an unmistakable feeling of commotion. We won’t go too deep with the scientific details, but the overall emotional effect is obvious. No pun intended, but here is a tip for you lunatics out there – keep your heads cool and try the other side of the bed. Moreover, make sure you are not sharing. Even your best friend may be fidgety in their sleep, and you are aiming for a good night’s rest that’s meant to refresh.

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