Masters in Business Administration is the sphere of the academic postgraduate qualification that is constantly evolving. It happens because of range of different factors, like requirements of employers, demands of students and introducing of new technological solutions.

It affects business schools and they change the way they teach their students. The factors change everything and you should know the main trends if you consider MBA as an option for you. A master is always a valuable employee and MBA is not an exception.

MBA and alternative funding

Business schools are always searching for alternative source of funding. The reason is that high quality education involves investments. Moreover, MBA teachers know how important investments are. A couple of years ago, the main source of investments was ofcorporate sponsorship.

Today, the main sources of investments are crowd funding and peer-to-peer lending. This way is quite effective, since investors are interested in earning money. Therefore, they cannot invest in everyone, it leads to appearing of investing rules, and some students cannot get investment at all, which makes their business projects impossible to implement. That is the case when other investment sources are became very effective.


Crowd funding is a fund where students can borrow capital to start their projects.

Investors tend to invest in those students, who can guarantee the high income rate. Again, investors want not only get their money back, but also earn something.
Some funds use a predictive model, which calculates the potential income of a borrower.

Peer-to-peer lending is for employer graduates. The last option is good for those who study on a part-time basis.

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There are a number of alternative funding services. Different funding options are great, since they can satisfy every student. A business project is impossible without investment and MBA students know it. Alternative funding helps them to start their business projects.

More specializations

Back in the days, MBA was limited to a low number of specializations. However, the world is changing and MBA students demand more and more. MBA topics were limited to finance, marketing, strategy and technology.

Today, MBA has to deal with a lot more new spheres, like luxury goods, aviation, education, energy and healthcare. The list still may be changed, and a sphere like human resource management can be added. The reason why it happens is that students and employers need it. Students need proficient knowledge and employers want to work with professionals. MBA is evolving and we shall see more changes.


More and more MBA students consider entrepreneurship as an opportunity. However, employers are interested in it as well. The trend shows that the number of students who choose the entrepreneurial career grows. It means that students want to start their own business immediately. It can be a sign, that students have knowledge profound enough to become a successful entrepreneur.
Employers find the entrepreneurialism specialization beneficial as well.


Employers preferred to avoid hiring MBA graduates before, as they thought that students might use their jobs to learn something and started their own business in future. Today, employers understand that entrepreneurial skills are crucial and incomparably important for them to be able to compete with other companies.

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Since students demand more, schools have to satisfy their needs. It leads to changing of “how” and “what” students are taught. Schools focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, versatility (more specialization to choose from), social responsibility, analysis of different viewpoints, multi-cultural communications, etc. It helps to maintain the high quality education standards. Schools require a lot, but they give a lot in turn. It all helps students to become more competitive.


Advancements in technologies change the way students learn. MBA education became flexible. It took the best from different aspects and combined into the high quality model. Flexibility lets students ensure good work to study balance. Students can determine the pace, which means they can graduate more quickly.

Geographical location is not a limit anymore. MBA schools work together to achieve their main goal – teach students and turn them into professionals. Moreover, employers seek graduates with a global outlook.

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