You can be sure you find none of these in the modern dorms. Well, there is a vibe to the college life to some extent, but the popular myths just seem to get it wrong.

1. It is a big beer fest. Being raised watching Hollywood comedies that promote having a good time in dorms, we expect this tradition to work in the adult life, and often imagine student communities like some kinds of drinking brotherhoods, where everyone is concerned about booze. Real students, on the other hand, often lack time and energy to be that into celebrating, and only get feisty when the holiday comes.


Apart from that, beer fuel is not as available in dorms as one might think, so most of the residents just find fun elsewhere, trying to maintain order in their own quarters. Besides, let us not forget about student counselors and assistants, checking on your life from time to time, so you won’t get carried away by the party spirit, and you’ll get a more realistic image of what living in a dorm actually means. We don’t say it is not as exciting as portrayed on screen. It is just different.

2. Your dining hall is the one everybody envies. There is a myth among students about their dining place being the best in town, but that is hardly so, especially taking into account all the options you have once you are enrolled. You can go out to check other food stores and be certainly satisfied with the service in that small coffee shop down the road.

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It is important, on the other hand, to maintain the team spirit among students who want their hall to be an example of perfection, and we are proud some of you do everything in their power to improve the situation. Some of the dorm residents eat inside, some search for options, and frankly, we can blame none of you.

3. Hall sports are nowhere to be found in real life. This is a dorm legend that is familiar to every newcomer. We got something in store for you regarding that one: actually, hall sports do exist, and they are as various and many as you please. University residents say that dorm assistants are usually supportive of their efforts to make student life a little more exciting, so games like Hall Soccer are very popular.

They do not require special training and are extremely engaging. If you think they are not allowed, here is the deal: everything is welcome in dorms as long as it does not harm other residents, is safe and does not produce loud noises. So, if you are a fan of an active pastime, Hall Soccer may be just what you need. Dorm activities are diverse as you start to explore, and we wish you to find something that is exactly yours.

4. Your roommates will be your besties. They can be, yes, but it is perfectly okay that you find some of them better behaved than the others. You can’t be best friends with everyone, right? We know people who prefer to cut off their previous contacts when they graduate, and honestly, we understand. There is an example of people ceasing to socialize with their whole dorm group, and that’s not because they didn’t get along, it’s just because they are tired.

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There are others who still think their hall residents are the coolest individuals in the world, and cherish that attitude once they are off the student grounds. We’d say it depends on whether you are an extrovert or more of a closed-off type and whether the sense of community means much to you and your fellow residents. Some dorms even boast mascots, and chant university anthems as they celebrate.

5. You will never feel at home in the dorm. One of the popular myths is that you will never be able to experience that nostalgic atmosphere you have at home when you finally return after a long journey. Well, we have to say there is something in that, but we cannot entirely agree. As you start to love your life at the university, you get to know a lot of people who may later become your best friends and brothers, and that you will later invite to your wedding.

It’s the first independence lesson you have to learn – the way you adjust yourself around campus, the local traditions and the whole party vibe that is present come the holiday time. For the most people, it is unique and liberating, and we hope you will be one of the lucky students as well.

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